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Teenage Graphic Novel Society: Skyward Volume 1 by Joe Henderson

Willa is just a young adult living life on earth…with a fraction of the gravity. The locals refer to it as “G-Day” - the day it all changed. Everything began floating: cars, rocks, pets, people. Those who could not find something to grab onto continued to float up and out of the atmosphere, eventually losing their lives.

Nowadays, Willa is an “Upper.” She lives life on the edge, floating from place to place. Those with more money look down on the “Uppers” – the rich can afford gravity shoes, which allow people to walk along the earth in a semi-normal fashion. Willa is a cargo runner – a dangerous job, as many items once considered commonplace (such as milk!), are now extremely valuable.

Willa’s father has not left the apartment since the day that Willa’s mother floated away –almost 20 years ago. And he has the solution that will save humanity. But there are those that want to silence him...

Skyward explores real-world themes such as corruption and inequality in a fresh way. Fans of The Walking Dead will note that other humans can be more dangerous than zombies (or, in this case, more dangerous than lack of gravitational pull). This graphic novel tells a believable story that really beckons the reader to ponder “What if this happened to us?”

Join us Tuesday, March 17th at 4pm for our first Teenage Graphic Novel Society, where we will be discussing Skyward Volume 1! Stop in to checkout a copy! This graphic novel is also available in digital format on Hoopla! Happy reading!

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