AMPL is proud of our staff. Of their dedication and all they offer our community! Read on to find out why they love working at AMPL.

  • Bailey Durr

    Circulation Clerk

    Staff member since August 2017

    I like helping people and finding what they need. Finding mystery items with very little information to go on is always very satisfying. I’ve also always had a passion for media and I get to work around something I love almost daily!

  • Brad Sowinski

    Youth Services Manager

    Staff member since March 2016

    I enjoy hearing what people come into the library to learn about and seeing all of the materials at anyone’s disposal is pretty cool! I also enjoy our library’s architecture.

  • Jerry Hughes

    Technical Services Assistant

    Staff member since December 2009

    I really enjoy cataloging. At the end of the day it is satisfying to know I am helping expand and improve a database that people across the state get to use.

  • Jodi Baker

    Circulation Clerk

    Staff member since January 2017

    Libraries are important to our communities and a great way to encourage reading. I remember taking my kids to the library and they still have a love for books! I enjoy being part of our patron’s library experiences with their kids!

  • Jodi Ferguson

    Circulation Clerk

    Staff member since May 2016

    I love the patrons! What better place to be than where I get to learn something new every day, teach others, and grow!

  • Loretta Linfoot.jpg

    Loretta Linfoot

    Outreach Specialist

    Staff member since August 2017

    I love my patrons and I enjoy helping people. Crafting with my outreach patrons is one of my favorite things to do! I always appreciated the experiences and service I would have when I would bring my son to the library and it is awesome to be part of that now!

  • Melissa Hexamer.jpg

    Melissa Hexamer

    Circulation Assistant

    Staff member since May 2011

    Who doesn’t want to work in a library?! It’s where all the cool kids hangout! I love that I get the opportunity to build relationships with fellow community members!

  • Rachael Neese

    Technical Services Manager

    Staff member since September 2005

    The library feels like home. I like my coworkers and the patrons. There is a small town, personal experience you get when you come here and I absolutely love that about our library!

  • Sarah Wallace


    Staff member since May 2016

    There is something about the people that libraries attract. From the staff to the patrons, there is always a conglomeration of people that wouldn’t normally associate with each other but libraries aren’t afraid to welcome all. I love being part of something bigger that is so inclusive!

  • Stephanie Watson

    Youth Services Assistant

    Staff member since October 2018

    I fell in love with this library during my internship. I have always wanted to work here! Now that I am here I live for those moments when a kiddo finds a book that he likes and I get to see their face light up when they find out there are more! It’s all very freeing and like an escape.

  • Terri Smith.jpg

    Terri Smith

    Circulation Assistant & Local Historian

    Staff member since March 2015

    I love my job for the history of course! I have access to all kinds of history and I enjoy sharing that with others. This job has also given me the opportunity to teach and share art with our patrons.

  • Trystan Condon

    Technical Services Assistant

    Staff member since June 2015

    I like touching all of the books. Every material that our library circulates has to pass through my hands before it can be checked out! I enjoy taking care of the collection and being part of the first steps materials take when they first come to us!   


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