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AMPL is part of the Evergreen Indiana Library Consortium. We share resources with libraries across the state. Cardholders from any Evergreen Indiana library are eligible to checkout materials at every Evergreen library, including ours!

Types of Library Cards offered:

Resident Card: 

Issued free of charge to individuals living or paying for property taxes within Alexandria or Monroe Township.


Student/Teacher Card:

Issued free of charge for any student or teacher who lives outside of Alexandria or Monroe Township but is enrolled or teaches in the Alexandria Community School Corporation or St. Mary’s Parochial School.

Non-Resident Card:

Any family or individual that lives in an under served district that is not Monroe Township may purchase a library card for $94.00. This card is good for one year from the date it is issued.


Public Library Access Card (PLAC):

Any Indiana resident who has a valid library card in good standing with their home library may purchase a PLAC card for $65.00. This card is good for one year and may be used at any Public Library across the state. This card does not have the privileges of full access to the Evergreen Consortium.

To obtain any of the cards mentioned above, you will need to present a current photo ID and proof of residency.

Accepted Forms of Photo ID

  • Current Indiana Driver’s License

  • Current Indiana State Issued ID

  • Current US Passport

  • Current US Military ID

  • Unexpired driver’s license or state ID issued by another US State

  • Current Permanent Resident Card issued by the US Department of Homeland Security

Accepted Proof of Residency Documents

  • Valid Indiana voter registration card

  • Current paid property tax bill

  • Any computer generated bill dated within 30 days

  • Bank statement dated within 30 days

  • Official change of address confirmation from the US Postal Service

  • Mail with a computer generated address label postmarked within 30 days or computer generated shipping label dated within 30 days

  • Official correspondence from a federal, state, or local government agency dated within 30 days

Residents of shelters within the library district must provide a letter on official shelter letterhead as proof of residency in addition to photo ID.

The library will not accept handwritten documentation such as lease agreements or handwritten envelopes. Post Office boxes are not accepted as mailing addresses.

For Resident and Non-Resident applicants, the library requires an accepted form of photo ID and accepted proof of residency document. Non-Resident Tax Payers must present an accepted form of photo ID and a current paid property tax bill listing their name and the address of the property owned within the library district.

For PLAC cards, the library requires an accepted form of photo ID and we must verify that the applicant is in good standing with their home library.

Juveniles under the age of 18 are eligible for library cards and are exempt from the documentation requirement provided their responsible party has a library card in good standing.


Renewing a Library Card:

In order to renew your account, cardholders over 18 are required to produce an accepted form of photo ID and an accepted proof of residency document. This is an opportunity for the library to make sure that your contact information and residency status is correct. Juvenile accounts can be renewed by the responsible party listed on the account. If the responsible party has changed, a new application will need to be completed with the new responsible party signing the application.

At the time of renewal for Non-resident and PLAC cards, annual fees are due. The price associated with these cards is subject to change on a yearly basis.

Library Cards


We bring the Library to you! AMPL offers Home-bound Delivery Service, visits Schools and Daycares, and sets up shop at community events as a Mobile Library.

Library Outreach

Home-Bound Delivery:

If you are unable to visit the library due to age, illness, or mobility issues, we can set up a schedule to drop off and pick up library materials at your convenience. You can speak with our Outreach Coordinator, Loretta Linfoot, to set up this service! Her email is Or give her a call 765-724-2196 ext 2014

School and Daycare Visits:

 Youth services staff can come visit your classroom or daycare. Storytimes, crafts, booktalks, mobile library set up are just a few things they are able to bring to you! If your interest at setting up a visit please contact Stacy Stiltner at Or call 765-724-2196 ext 2016


we can bring collections of books to checkout to the classroom upon request.

Mobile Library Events:

We try to make it out to large community gatherings, especially if it may affect the library’s normal operations. Patrons can come see us at a booth to ask any and all library questions, see their status on materials, and generally get more library information. Look for us at major events like: Grand Prix, Farmers Markets, 4H fair, Monster Bash, etc. 


Disc Cleaning // Fax // Laminating // Photocopier // Test Proctoring // Wowbrary

Disc Cleaning

The library is able to clean and repair DVDs, Blu-rays, music CDs, audiobook discs, and some video game discs for a fee of $2.00 per disc. We are unable to perform this service on third generation and newer PlayStation, Wii, and XBOX game consoles.


The library provides a fax service to the public. The cost is $0.25 per page to send and $.25 per page for faxes received.

For faxes being sent to the library, our fax number is 765-724-2204.



The library offers a laminating service for a cost of $.10 per inch based on the longest side. Minimum cost for any lamination is $.25. We are not able to laminate items wider than 24″.

Read our laminating policy here.


The library has a photocopier for public use. Costs for making copies are as follows:

8.5″ x 11″…… $.10 per black and white image

8.5″ x 11″……$.50 per color image.

Double sided black and white……$.20 per page

Double sided color……$1.00 per page

Costs for larger paper sizes such as legal (8.5″ x 14″) and ledger (8.5″ x 17″) are $.20 and $.30 respectively per black and white image.

Test Proctoring

As part of its mission to support lifelong learning, free test proctoring services are offered to students and individuals to fulfill their education needs and interests.

To arrange a test proctoring session, please call the library at 765-724-2196 or Send an Email Request.


Wowbrary keeps you informed of all the new items arriving on library shelves each week. To be among the first to know what’s new at the library, click here to get your weekly email.

You can also like us on Facebook to receive your weekly update from Wowbrary directly in your timeline!



The library acceps all major credit cards


* Patron's can still be charged for items if they are returned damaged or deemed as lost.


Printing (black/white)

Printing (color)

Copying (standard 8.5x11)

Copying (legal 8.5x14)

Copying (ledger 11x17)

Color Copy (all sizes)


Fax (send)

Fax (receive)

Replacement Card


Non-resident Card

Lost/damaged Items

Collection Agency Referral**

Disc Cleaning

Replacement Case (each)

Replacement Artwork







$.10/inch (long side)






Cost+$3 process. fee*



$1.19 - $2.44



*Processing fees are set by individual Evergreen libraries with most charging them $10/item. Processing fees are charged at the owning library's rate.

**Collection Agency Referral fees can only be waived at the discretion of the Library Director

Fines & Fees


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