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#TeenTuesdays Book Talk: Spectacle by Megan Rose Gedris

Welcome to this week's edition of #TeenTuesdays Book Talk! This week I am discussing another YA Graphic Novel: Spectacle by Megan Rose Gedris!

One of the most interesting things about this book is its setting - a sort of Wild West, circus theme! Anna and her twin sister Kat work for the Samson Brothers Circus. Anna is a fortuneteller and Kat is a knife-wielding daredevil. For Anna, it's just about making money. The fortunes aren't true. She isn't even psychic!

When the circus troupe becomes stranded in a small western town, the performers are struggling to make the moo-lah. On top of that, the ringleader gets put in jail and the bail is set ridiculously high!

One night, Anna discovers her sister has been murdered. She doesn't even have time to mourn - Kat's ghost immediately appears, demanding justice! But wait, Anna doesn't have any special powers. Her psychic skills aren't real...or are they? And can she use them to solve her sister's murder?

Callie's Opinion: I enjoyed this one, especially for the Wild West/Circus hybrid setting. There was a slew of unique and diverse characters. The main character, Anna, is enjoyable, and she is illustrated beautifully. There are bits of humor thrown in - my favorite was the Pee-Wee's Big Adventure fortune teller reference!!! The author hints at some unusual flashbacks that are left unexplained - the sequel should be interesting.

Check out Spectacle: Book One here in the catalog!

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