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Teen Tuesdays: They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera

We are back with another Teen Tuesdays Book Talk! Today's book: They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera.

Mateo is introverted and shy. He does not live life dangerously - he rarely leaves the house. So when he receives the call from Death-Cast that today is the day that he will die, he feels as though he has wasted his life away. His father is in a coma and will not wake up in time to say goodbye to his son.

Rufus lives with his friends in a type of foster home for teens. He just gets done beating up his ex's new boyfriend when he receives the call from Death-Cast. He will also die today. But then the cops show up - and this is not how he wants to spend his last day.

So both teens end up downloading the Last Friend app, hoping to find someone willing to spend their last day together. And they happen to find each other!

Rufus helps Mateo break out of his shell and leave the house, getting him to do several firsts: virtual skydiving, a dance party, and more. Mateo helps Rufus learn to appreciate the small things in life and act with kindness. And they both make a new friend.

Callie's Opinion: This book was full of surprises. The writing jumps back and forth, mainly between Rufus' and Mateo's points of views, but also includes others characters and how they are spending their Last Day. The plots are creatively intertwined and revealed in a clever way. This book also makes you think: Would you want to get a call telling you that today is your day to die? Would the anticipation of such a call make you spend all of your other days any differently?

They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera is available in our library's catalog, on OverDrive, and on Hoopla! Check it out today!

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