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Picture Book Review: Truman by Jean Reidy

Truman is a turtle. He lives with his owner, Sarah, in a tall apartment that overlooks the beautiful, bustling city! One day, Truman notices that his owner leaves him seven green beans in his dish (instead of five!). She then packs a big backpack, but does not pack Truman! She gives the turtle a kiss and tells him to "Be brave!" ...and then, for the first time, Sarah leaves on a bus!

Truman waits by the window for his owner to return. After waiting for forever... he decides he must go find her! Truman climbs out of his home by the windowsill and makes his slow and steady trek across the world, climbing over the arm of the couch, sliding down a rain boot, and battling Sarah's toys!

Will this brave turtle be reunited with his Sarah?

This adorable picture book is perfect for pet lovers, adventurers, and heroes! Colorful illustrations by Lucy Ruth Cummins illustrate Truman in silly "larger-than-life" situations that will make readers laugh.

Truman by Jean Reidy is available to check out on our new shelf!

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