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5 Series for Teens to Binge-Read on Hoopla

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Want something to read? Maybe... Graphic novels? YA romance? Murder? Post-apocalyptic-love-triangle? Edgy teens with super powers surviving a pandemic? Anything ringing a bell?

Did you know that you can download Hoopla Digital for FREE and access 10 free books per month with your library card? First, you'll want to check out this video on how to setup Hoopla:

Alright! Now let's break down some series that you can binge-read starting ASAP!

We've been tootin' the horn on this one for awhile now. But what goes up, must...float there and not go away, right?! It's THAT good!

Skyward was going to be part of our first Teenage Graphic Novel Society for March, until the whole world turned upside down.

Low-gravity cargo runners, gravity shoes that make you walk semi-normal, and sketchy corporations trying to murder people who know too much...READ. IT. NOW!

You may have seen the series on Netflix.

Well of course the comics came first! Don't they always?

The perfect dose of creepy murder, supernatural forces, and Edwardian England. What's not to love...craft?

Includes beautifully gory artwork!

We all love Disney movies - we have seen them all a hundred times, right? But consider this...

What if Aladdin had never found the lamp? What if Belle's mother cursed the Beast? What if the Evil Queen poisoned the Prince? What if Neverland was an evil place?

Get ready for your childhood favorites to seem comfortably familiar, and then become uncomfortably unsettling.

Who doesn't love a bunch of typical teenage girl drama? Well, it turns out this isn't typical, and it's kind of serious. One of their friends disappeared, and now someone is sending them anonymous notes, threatening to reveal some ugly secrets.

You may have seen the TV show long ago on ABC Family/Freeform (again...the book is ALWAYS first!) Hoopla has the entire series to read! You know you have the time.

"She should've put this as #4 instead of #5," said everyone.

Yeah, probably.

Let's go out with a bang here - Nine children from the planet of Lorien are sent to Earth to escape an evil horde of aliens who are trying to kill all of their kind. They've already killed three - Number Four is next.

If you liked these selections, head on over to Hoopla and check them out (I included links!)

If you didn't like these selections, head on over to Hoopla and check out the 5742 other YA Fiction titles they have available to check out NOW! There's something for everyone!

Stay tuned for my next post...5 Series for TWEENS to Binge-Read!

Stay safe, everyone!

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