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5 Popular Picture Books to Enjoy on Hoopla

We are back! And this time we are talking about picture books on Hoopla! Hoopla allows you to check out up to 10 items per month for free using your library card! Kids can download Hoopla via the app portal on their iPads.

One cool thing about picture books on Hoopla is that many of them are read-alongs or audiobooks! That's right! Your child can listen and/or follow along with the book, often read by a celebrity or the author themselves!

First, here is a video refresher to get your child setup to use Hoopla:

Alright! Ready to see some of our favorites?

Bruce is our favorite bear, hands down. And who better to promote our town's teddy bear scavenger hunt than Bruce?

Bruce likes his privacy, but when breakfast HATCHES, he becomes a mom to some baby geese!

We LOVE Pete the Cat, and our story time kids do too!

Did you know that Hoopla has over 40 Pete the Cat e-books?

Plus, there are 29 audiobooks to listen and sing along to!

Join Pete and his friends as they go on many different adventures!

One of our favorite books by Mo Willems is here on Hoopla! And it's an audiobook so you can listen along!

Look for other Mo Willems titles here!

Fancy Nancy is one of our favorites!

Did you know that Hoopla offers over 30 different Fancy Nancy books? That's more than we even have at our library!

Plus, all of these e-books are read-alongs!

This classic book by Bill Martin is available as an audio book!

Count along as 101 numbers attempt to climb up the apple tree!

We hope you enjoyed these five perfect picks for popular picture books!

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