The Adventures of Drs. Ein and Stein

This is an urgent post from Dr. Ein. Dr. Stein is missing! He was last seen in the children’s section of the library making notes on books to read and hasn’t been seen for over two weeks. Be on the lookout for Dr. Stein around the community and report to Dr. Ein immediately.

New Website!

Our new website is up and running! We’ve undergone a complete redesign to update our look and to provide you with a better way to access the valuable information about the resources and events the library has to offer. By all means, please explore and discover what the new site has to offer you.

While the site is a work in progress and is not 100% complete (they never are!)  we felt that the pros of launching the site greatly outweighed the cons. Some sections are still under development. We hope that the new site is useful to you and that you will return often. – The AMPL Web Team